The Ant and the Grasshopper
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Sommer-Time Stories
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Picture Books that Motivate Children to Succeed

24 Sommer-Time Stories
and Read-Alongs
24 Sommer-Time Adventure
DVD Videos
1 Min. Sommer's Passion and Purpose
Social Emotional Learning: The Key for Educational Success
An Excellent Method to Impart SEL Skills
One of the best methods to impart SEL skills is to provide children with action-filled storybooks they enjoy and that promote these skills. The greater the emotional enjoyment children receive from their education, the greater the effectiveness of their training. Click for SEL Resources
Over 1,000 Pages of Free Character Education Resources for Sommer-Time Stories
Lesson plans, activities, award certificates, posters, coloring pages, puzzles, games, elementary English lessons, and more.
Quest for Success Novels
Elementary and Reluctant Junior
and High School Readers
Bilingual-Spanish and English
Sommer-Time Stories, DVDs, &
Quest for Success Novels
Upper Elementary and Junior High Readers
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Parents & Educators—Teaching Virtues by Interesting Stories

These character education books, read-alongs, and videos teach virtues by means of an interesting story. We have received numerous testimonies from parents, teachers, librarians, and kids how they love these stories. Librarians report they cannot keep books on their shelves. Click here for Endorsements

These resources will help you correct such behavior issues as lying, cheating, stealing, bullying, laziness, rudeness, and other negative behaviors; and encourage respect, responsibility, self-discipline, perseverance, courage, self-esteem, honesty, kindness, tolerance, self-control, patience, friendship, sportsmanship, compassion, humility, work ethic, and obedience to parents.

Carl Sommer, the author of these series, has 5 children and 20 grandchildren. He is a former educator and now president of the largest company of its kind in North America,, (three of his children work for him). Out from his rich experiences come these award-winning character-building stories.