Social Emotional Learning:
The Key for Educational Success

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Successful Education

Successful education requires more than teaching the 3 Rs. Educators must provide an environment where children are taught the social and emotional skills that will benefit them in their entire pursuit of education. Encouraging and teaching foundational social emotional learning (SEL) skills are especially critical for children in their early formative years.

An Excellent Method to Impart SEL Skills

One of the best methods to impart SEL skills is to provide children with action-filled storybooks that promote SEL skills, and that they enjoy reading or having them read. The greater the emotional enjoyment children receive from their education, the greater the effectiveness of their training. All award-winning Sommer-Time Story books weave in their inspiring stories positive character traits that encourage children to desire successful SEL skills. Children love Sommer-Time story books so much that librarians have reported they cannot keep the books on their shelves (See: Endorsements). The Sommer-Time resources of storybooks, read-alongs, and videos have won over 65 prestigious national awards (See: Awards) .

Award-Winning Sommer-Time Stories

Sommer-Time Stories Won Over 65 National Awards

Sample of SEL Skills from 24 Sommer-Time Stories

Social Skills

King of the Pond

Tombo bullied all the other tadpoles. He finally learned that having friends and treating them right was better than being King of the Pond.

Mayor For A Day

Davy became mayor for a day and declared, "No Rules for a Day." The school became a disaster, and even the town. Davy finally resigned and rules were restored.

Emotional Skills

Can You Help Me Find My Smile?

Teddy found his smile by helping others.

If Only I Were...

Missy was very unhappy the way she looked. Through many wishes of being different, she finally discovered to love the way she was.

Learning Skills

Time Remote!

Christopher got to use Dr. Finkle’s time remote. Christopher hated school work and used the remote to just play. He finally learned to that school work was important.

No Longer a Dilly Dally

Family Dilly Dally would play first then work. In contrast Family Work Play would do the opposite. Through many difficulties, Family Dilly Dally change their name to Family Work First.

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Sample of SEL Skills from 18 Classic Sommer-Time Stories

Social Skills

The Lion and the Three Bulls

The sly fox got the white, brown and black bull to hate each other so the lion could share a meal with him. The three bulls learn a valuable lesson.

The Emperor and the Seed

The emperor has no son. He designs a test by giving seven of the choicest boys of the kingdom. Only one past the test of integrity.

Emotional Skills

The Ugly Princess

Isabella overheard some girls make fun of her big ears and nose. She became very depressed. Finally she learned to accept herself, and a wise and kind man who became the next king.

The Eagle and the Chickens

The lost eagle befriends the chicken. He gets ridiculed for everything an eagle does naturally. He finally flies away as a free eagle.

Learning Skills

The Little Red Hen

The cat, dog, and duck make all kinds of excuses for not helping. When she bakes her delicious bread, she refuses to share her bread to those who refused to help.

The Ant and the Grasshopper

The grasshoppers just want to play. The diligent ants work and then play. Win-ter comes early, and a vote is taken and everyone must share their food. They finally learn to work first and then play.

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Library Edition: Cloth Reinforced Binding 8 1/4" x 11 1/4"


Pricing for Social Emotional Learning Resource Library