Upper Elementary & Reluctant Middle & High School Readers
The Quest for Success novels are short stories jam-packed with interesting information
that will not only motivate students to read but also to learn important life skills for success.


40-56 Pages
5" x 7 1/2"
Library Binding:
5 1/4" x 7 3/4"

Read by Award-Winning Author
Carl Sommer

72-104 Pages

Reinforced Library Binding
5 1/4" x 7 3/4"

Author and Narrator
Carl Sommer
Award-Winner Author
Spanish Voice-Over Narrator
Robert Moutal
A 12 time Emmy Award-Winner
One Audio CD English/Spanish

Character-Building Novels
   Teachers, librarians, and parents all agree that literacy is an essential skill for students to achieve success in school and for their future well being. Language arts teacher in particular want their students to love literature. However, the classroom reality is that many students are unmotivated to pick up a long novel. What can be done?
       The Quest for Success character-building novels are short action-filled illustrated stories that will not only motivate students to read, but also within the story provide practical applications on how they may become successful. The graphic illustrations in these novels provide interest and textual clues to assist struggling readers who would otherwise refrain from reading full-text books.
Even though the content of these novels may contain greater vocabulary than other books, yet because of the interesting graphics and action-filled stories, reluctant readers will continue reading until they finish the book.
   There are students who find full-text books boring. They have not developed a sense of imagination from reading books with text alone. Since they are unable to visualize the text-filled story, these students don’t read. Since novels are complete stories that use illustrations to convey their message, they can become an excellent transitional tool to help these students become life-long readers. These novels can also be used for upper elementary students to wean them from picture books to full-text books.
Benefits of Character-Building Novels
• Quest for success novels provide excellent opportunities for classroom discussion.
• These novels provide engaging models for writing.
• These comprehensive novels present abundant information in a few pages. This enables teachers to read the entire
   book in one class period.
• Students can polish their oral language skills as they practice reading aloud, dramatizing, or storytelling.
• The character-building books present provocative topics that will encourage creative thinking and problem solving.
• These novels greatly benefit foreign language students and reluctant readers in that the stories consist of words with
   sequential illustrations that convey information to enhance the story.
• Students will evaluate and learn the various virtues and life skills that will help them live successful lives.
Not Just Simple Story Books
   Quest for Success novels are not simple story books; they require critical thinking skills. In addition to an action-oriented story, important character values are given to help readers become successful. These character-building novels can be springboards for exciting class discussions about values.
   The language is not “dumbed down” in Quest for Success novels. Due to the high interest these novels will create, students’ reading ability will be enhanced. In addition, there are read-alongs for each book to help students master the required vocabulary to read the book.
Quest for Success Writing Prompt Generator and Discussion Questions for Book: Dream
1. Write a report on how Dream supports the author’s passion for equipping students with virtues and real-life skills to help them live a successful life and create a better world.
2. Make a chart with two columns. Label the two columns:
   The Path of Success     The Path of Failure
   Nelson and Jesse           Alvin
List in the columns the reasons for Nelson and Jesse’s success and the reasons for Alvin’s failure.
3. Write a report about the reasons for the successes of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington Carver, Helen Keller, and Abraham Lincoln.
4. Choose any four of the "Dare to Dream Guidelines" and write about their importance for successful living.
1. Why do many individuals join gangs and do harmful things to their bodies?
2. What are Grandpa and Grandma trying to teach the boys?
3. What is Grandpa’s advice when everything looks hopeless?
4. What common trait for success do we find in Benjamin Franklin, George Washington Carver, Helen Keller, and Abraham Lincoln?
5. How did Nelson and Jesse react when they heard about the struggles of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington Carver, Helen Keller, and Abraham Lincoln?

Writing Prompt Generator and Discussion Questions Are Also in Bilingual Quest for Success
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