School In Crisis

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Schools In Crisis: Training For Success or Failure?

  1. Examine why so many children are failing to receive a proper education, and the time-tested methods for successful education.
  2. Presents the reason discipline is the number one parental complaint concerning schools, and which discipline methods have been proven effective.
  3. Exposes the material that some educators are teaching children in their literature and sex education classes.
  4. Tells why education has departed from the great virtues that build successful nations, and the solutions to restore values.
  5. Gives the root causes for the failures of American education, and the positive non-costly solutions for educational success.
Other Issues Examined
  1. Successful reading programs
  2. Basics and promotional standards
  3. Fundamental schools vs. progressive schools
  4. Creativity and self-esteem
  5. Discipline and love
  6. Busing and racial integration
  7. Successful schools
  8. Textbooks and censorship
  9. Social engineering
  10. Education for sex or immorality
  11. Values clarification
  12. Source of America’s moral disintegration
  13. Humanism and autonomous children
  14. Actions for successful schools

About the Author

   Carl Sommer has unusual qualifications for writing this book on education: He has taught high school students in New York City, counseled students and parents as a high school assistant dean of boys in a school with 3,600 pupils, worked as a foreman of a tool and die shop and managed a manufacturing plant.
   Shortly after becoming a high school teacher Sommer discovered something seriously wrong with the education his students received; for ten years he researched the problem. MORE...


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Schools In Crisis Reviews

“Schools in Crisis has to rank on top of all the volumes that have written relative to problems with out public school system in America today….This book should be a must reading for every teacher training institution in our country today. Either we pay attention to what Carl Sommer is saying in Schools in Crisis or we pay the penalty of seeing our public schools, and education systems, become totally useless as producers of a quality learning in their students.”
Dr. Richard Bliss, Director of Curriculum Development, El Cajon, CA

“Carl Sommer’s SCHOOLS IN CRISIS: TRAINING FOR SUCCESS OR FAILURE? provides answers to the most important question of our time: Dare the social order build a new school, dedicated to excellence founded on competence, initiated by commitment and based on involvement?...Indeed, SCHOOLS IN CRISIS: TRAINING FOR SUCCESS OR FAILURE? may become a classic. It should be required reading for teachers, administrators and professors.”
Dr. George A. Antonelli, Dean of Education, University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, AR

“This book contains some of the most interesting and eye-opening commentary on the problems facing our public schools that I have seen for a long time. It is well-written, very readable, and well-documented. Students find its contents fascinating.”
Dr. George Gaston, Jr., Associate Professor Secondary Education, Georgia Southern College, Statesboro, GA (For a number of years he used Schools in Crisis: Training for Success or Failure? as a textbook for his graduate students.)

“It is one of the most invigorating books for the professional educator that I have read in recent years. The approach to the problems in our schools is very candid and provocative. Certainly it must give concern to all who read it.”
Dr. George Wylie, Jr., Chairman, Division of Education, Shaw University, Raleigh, NC

“I am overwhelmed by the contents! As I read I found it more interesting as I turned to the next page! The issues discussed are, in my opinion, the vital ones facing education today. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone interested in the future of our society.”
Jewel Dobson, Twenty-year veteran public school teacher, Visalia, CA

“It is a desirable compilation of library research woven together with personal interviews and experiences into an engaging and highly readable analysis of what has gone wrong in our public schools....This entire book with its extensive quotations and references contains the most concentrated source I have read that can open many apathetic eyes to the causes and cure for the crisis in American Education.”
Dr. H. Reg McDaniel, Former Member of the Texas State Board of Education, Dallas, TX

“I have reviewed your recently published book, Schools in Crisis: Training for Success or Failure?, and have found it one of the most comprehensive and accurate descriptions of public education in the 1980’s.”
Robert W. Sweet, Jr., Senior Staff Member, The White House Office of Policy Development, Washington, DC (Education advisor to President Ronald Reagan)

Having reviewed most of the above mentioned book, I have found it to be very interesting and easy to read. It holds one’s attention, which should be a plus for students. Overall, I find the book to be accurate when reading from a conservative perspective…The author has definitely presented some of the problems presently facing education and possible alternatives for dealing with the problems.”
Dr. Sam Evans, Chairman, Education Department, William Woods College

“Carl Sommer has explored in depth and has given food for thought in what is wrong with our public schools, but more important he has given examples of how to correct them. He has not evaded the subject of making recommendations on how to correct the problems and his recommendations are concise and to the point.”
Dr. Robert C. Scherer, District Superintendent, Southern Kern Unified School District, Rosamond, CA

“Schools in Crisis: Training for Success or Failure is, to say the least, a very interesting textbook. Because it contains a wealth of polemical in- and out-of-school situations, discussion points are constantly generated to meet the needs of students and professors.”
Dr. Howard D. Hill, Professor and Chairman, South Carolina State College, Orangeburg, SC

“Never more than today has our society needed such a real and practical benchpoint of reference for public education. Never has it been more crucial to have detailed perspectives of today’s public schools, drawn from actual experience and written with distinct clarity and understanding.”
Ray Powell, Former Superintendent of Public Schools, South St. Paul, MN