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Teen Success in Career and Life Skills
If You Don't Want the Truth, Don't Read This!
By Carl Sommer (Author)


Format: Hardcover/Library Bound, 240 pages, 5 1/4” x 8”
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Questions in Back for Classroom Use Sample Questions
Ideal Textbook for Career Planning, Introduction to Business, Practical Character Education, or Practical Economics

Compassionate Straight Talk from Carl Sommer
Former U.S. Marine, High School Teacher, Assistant Dean of Boys, Foreman, Operations Manager, Currently Owner of Three Businesses, and Award-Winning Author

Jam-Packed With Real-Live Experiences Showing
What It Takes for Teens to Get Ahead
A lawyer in reviewing the author's manuscript said it was, "Dale Carnegie's
book How to Win Friends and Influence People for teens."

About this book:
Carl Sommer’s straight talk is hard-hitting, fast-paced, and provocative, but also full of compassion. Sommer doesn’t shy away from tackling the tough issues that teens face today. He shares from his vast experience, and a host of others, practical insights to help teens become successful in school, workplace, and life.

• The Challenge and Your Dream
• The Technology Explosion and Choosing and Preparing for Your Career
• The Resume, Interview, and Advancing On the Job
• Understanding the Free Enterprise System
• Elephant Ears, Eagle Eyes, and a Pinhole Mouth
• Handling Finances
• Golden Rule Thinking
• Dating, Marriage, and Handling Peer Pressure

I've worked with children and teens as a social worker in various settings. As a result, I've utilized many different books, workbooks and other media to promote goal directed behavior. I found, Teen Success in Career and Life Skills by Carl Sommers, quite interesting and think it is an asset to every teen. The questions at the end of the book allow teens to develop a better understanding of what they read as do the examples provided to support the facts--HPV discussion, the author's personal experiences, Dale Cargnegie scenario--to name a few. In addition, they can review their answers while periodically updating some of them as they move toward more goal-directed behavior. 
This book is a great addition to the libraries of school and vocational counselors, therapists and other adults working directly with teens who may be unclear as to what they desire for their future. The topics included in this book--resume, interview, importance of education, character success, discipline--are imperative to success and are provided in a motivational way. Many adults have not been provided this information and this book may be helpful for them as well. 
Mr. Sommer's book is a guideline for success and I highly recommend it... 
   Stacey Pierce, as posted on Amazon.com

   “I completed the book Teen Success In Career and Life Skills and thoroughly enjoyed it. Before I was an administrator I taught a course called “Career Visions.” I would have used this book in the class. There are also parts that I would use as an administrator—your parents can be your best counselors. You speak to the kids and tell them things that they may not want to hear. These are all things that educators, parents and relatives want to tell kids.
   “I’ve also coached for many years. There are many teachable moments, but only if teens can get beyond their proud and stubborn attitude and listen to the advice given to them. They do hate to be corrected! And they hate for anyone to “get in their face” You’re right, this is straight talk. If they don’t want the truth, they shouldn’t read it. However, I do believe that if a book is telling them these things they are more apt to listen because they don’t have to admit they are getting something out of it.
   “We have something at our school called “Silent Sustained Reading” that lasts for 30 minutes every day. Its purpose is to help improve our student’s reading skills and interest. This would get their attention. I think that you have created a very effective tool for teens.”
   Cathy Leaver, Assistant Principal, Newfound Regional High School.


Carl Sommer writes like a drill instructor, mentor, guide, teacher, coach, concerned parent, and boss. He writes skillfully and directs the book at teens with HOW TO SUCCEED woven throughout the book. It isn't just a passive read; he has questions throughout the book to hold interest and make sure the reader reviews/understands what was taught. Sommer is a good communicator and story teller, and talks to teens in a way they will understand and appreciate. Some of the MANY topics are education, resumes, discipline, being a friend, personal values and beliefs, how to interview and then how to keep a job, customer service, good and bad habits, character development, virtues, courage, bettering yourself, finances, becoming a leader, and more. 
Terrific resource book for teens to read and reread. One you can safely "force" a teen to read and know that they will be better for having read it. Great confidence booster and help, even for teens who don't like to read. This can be read in short bursts with longterm benefits to last a lifetime.
J. Kennel,as posted on Amazon.com

   “This is an amazing book filled by insights from a lifetime of experience by Carl Sommer. He has distilled his life experiences into a motivational book for teenagers, without putting them down and alienating them. He shows them a better way, drawing on the great examples of famous Americans and the values they espoused.
   “This is a book you could profitably prescribe to your class or give to your teen. It is motivational without being preachy, and has excellent questions in an appendix which could lead to vibrant class discussions or assignments. I can highly recommend this book!”
   Brian Cheyne, Former Head of Educational Guidance Department

   “This book has ALOT of information and a great variety. I was impressed….I enjoyed reading your book as well as reviewing it. I work with kids every day and it reinforced the basics of character development and planning for the future for these students.”
   Patricia Benson, Middle School Administrator

“Bravo! “The best compliment I can give you is…All my girls will read this book!”
   Joey Garza, Parent

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Straight Talk
Carl Sommer’s straight talk is hard-hitting, fast-paced, and provocative. Sommer doesn’t shy away from challenging issues as he offers from his vast experiences practical opinions to help students on their quest for success.