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About This Campaign


Motivational Learning and Literacy Institute is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide resources that teach children how to become successful.

One of the major problems today is the massive failures of our schools in successfully training its children to become successful. One of the main reasons for this failure is that many of the students are not literate to function in today's society. Many students simply drop out of school.

MLLI believes that one of the major keys for educational success is to provide children, particularly in the early grades, K-3, with books that will motivate them to succeed. One of the essential ingredients for success is to master the ability to read and to do math. Knowing the 3 Rs is essential for success.

Many schools today have serious financial difficulties. One of the projects of MLLI is to provide free to schools motivational books, read-alongs, and DVDs that not only entertain, but teach critical social values that lead to educational success.

Anyone desiring to help can send their donations to:
Motivational Learning & Literacy Institute
112 Wallace Street
Houston, TX 77022

All gifts to MLLI are tax-deductible.