Quest for Success Bilingual Series
Character-Building Novels for Exciting Adventure and Discovery
Teachers, librarians, politicians, and parents can all agree that literacy is an essential skill for students to achieve success in school and for their future employment. These character-building novels incorporate interesting stories that teach student important life skills and values. These novels can be a powerful motivating tool for middle and high schools students who would otherwise not pick up a book to read. In addition, the graphic illustrations provide interest and textual clues to assist struggling readers.
The Quest for Success novels are written for grades 4-12. Even though these novels require higher level literacy skills, the interesting story and graphics will inspire reluctant readers to complete the novel. Ideal for upper elementary, and middle school and high school reluctant readers.
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These high-quality books come in two sizes: Library Hardcover Edition 5.125"x 7.625".
Each book is also available with a read-along CD in English and Spanish - $7.00
Quest for Success Bilingual Series - Complete Set of 12 Stories
Set of 12 Library Edition $89.00
  Set of 12 CD Read-Along$59.00