Recommended Picture Books According to Age

 All picture books can be used from Grades K to 4 and higher. However, some books are more applicable for younger children. The books are broken down into groups of three. The first books are for the younger children. These first groups feature animals that teach values.

Group 1

Can You Help Me Find My Smile?

Noise! Noise! Noise!

Three Little Pigs


Group 2

If Only I Were...

No One Will Ever Know

Tied Up In Knots


Group 3

I Am a Lion!

No Longer a Dilly Dally

The Sly Fox and The Chicks


Group 4

King of the Pond

The Little Red Train

Proud Rooster and Little Hen



Group 5

Mayor For A Day

The Ugly Caterpillar

You Move You Lose


Group 6

The Great Royal Race

Time Remote!

It’s Not Fair!


Group 7

Light Your Candle

Miserable Millie

The Richest Poor Kid


Group 8

Dare to Dream!

Spike the Rebel!

Your Job Is Easy