• Table of Contents

    Non-Traditional Machining Handbook
    By Carl Sommer

    Unit 1

    • Fundamentals of Non-Traditional Machining

    Unit 2 - Wire EDM

    • Fundamentals of Wire EDM
    • Profiting With Wire EDM
    • Paper Procedures with EDM
    • Understanding the Wire EDM Process
    • Reducing Wire EDM Costs
    • Wire EDM Applications

    Unit 3 - Ram EDM

    • Fundamentals of Ram EDM
    • Profiting With Ram EDM
    • Ram EDM Electrodes and Finishing
    • Dielectric Oil and Flushing for Ram EDM
    • Reducing Costs for Ram EDM

    Unit 4

    • Small Hole EDM Drilling

    Unit 5

    • Abrasive Flow, Thermal ENergy Deburring, and Ultra Sonic Machining

    Unit 6

    • Photochemical Machining

    Unit 7

    • Electrochemical Machining

    Unit 8

    • Plasma and Precision Plasma Cutting

    Unit 9

    • Waterjet and Abrasive Waterjet Machining
    • Profiting With Waterjet and Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

    Unit 10 - Lasers

    • Fundamentals of Lasers
    • Understand Laser Cutting
    • Various Lasers and Their Configurations
    • Profiting With Laser Cutting
    • Lasers for Welding, Cladding, Alloying, Heat Treating, Marking, and Drilling

    Unit 11

    • Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing
    • Understand the Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Process

    Unit 12

    • Purchasing Equipment

    Unit 13

    • Outsourcing

    Unit 15

    • The Revolutionary Future Non-Traditional Machine

    Unit 16

    • Questions

       It finally happened!  After years of research and countless hours of writing and preparation, a current book showing all the non-traditional machining methods has arrived. 
    Unrivaled in its field, this new, refreshing book provides an excellent opportunity for those interested in non-traditional machining to examine the many cost-saving advantages in using the various machining methods.
        This exceptionally readable book covers such topics as: wire and ram EDM; fast hole EDM drilling; waterjet and abrasive waterjet machining; plasma and precision plasma cutting; photochemical and electrochemical machining; abrasive flow and ultrasonic machining; rapid prototyping and manufacturing; and lasers for cutting, welding, cladding, alloying, heat treating, marking, and drilling.  It also includes chapters on outsourcing, purchasing equipment, building a successful business, and closes with a chapter on the future revolutionary non-traditional machine.  An exciting, informative book!
       Carl Sommer, author of over 50 books, is uniquely qualified to author this book on non-traditional machining.  In addition to his tremendously prolific writing skills, Sommer started in the metal trade in 1949, and has many years of experience in the machining industry.  Owner and president of Reliable EDM, (www.reliableedm.com) the largest Wire EDM job shop west of the Mississippi, he brings to the table a remarkable practical and instructive book.  This book is a must for anyone interested in non-traditional machining.

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    Now you can have the most practical, and informative guide on non-traditional machining ever published. 


    Non-Traditional Machining Handbook, hardcover ISBN:1-57537-325-4, can be purchased from: Advance Publishing, Inc. for $89.95, plus $5.95 for shipping and handling. 


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    Now you can have the most practical, and informative guide on non-traditional machining ever published!


    Discover the many new cost-saving advantages to increase productivity with non-traditional machining!