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If You’re Scared of the Truth, Don’t Read This!

by Carl Sommer (Author)
Strong advocate for sexual abstinence until marriage. A book exposing the many hazards of those advocating casual sex. A must for every teenager.


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Medical Information has been Reviewed for Accuracy
by The Medical Institute for Sexual Health

Compassionate Straight Talk From A Former U.S. Marine
Carl Sommer

About this book:
A power-packed book dealing with issues youth will face. Carl Sommer exposes the many dangers of casual sex and the many benefits of abstinence from sex until marriage. Sommer uses straight talk to challenge today’s youth to examine this important topic that has the potential of destroying their lives. A must read for those wanting a bright future.

• Misconceptions, myths, and plain lies about sex
• Today’s youth aren’t animals
• Superbugs and sexually transmitted diseases
• Why men won’t buy the cow
• The truth about the sexually liberated
• Answers for dumb come-ons
• Rebel virgins
• Benefits of saving sex for marriage

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    “This book is a must-read for every teen and young adult! It is well-documented, and the stories are fascinating. With riveting evidence Carl Sommer shows the many beneficial effects for abstaining from sex until marriage.
   “Sommer, former U.S. Marine and educator, uses straight talk to challenge everyone to honestly face the facts and not be misled by today’s myths and lies about premarital sex. Every parent, social worker, and educator interested in helping youth to have successful lives should read this book!”
   Leslee Unruh, President and Founder of Abstinence Clearinghouse, www.abstinence.net

   I have just finished Sex-If You’re Afraid of the Truth. I think this is a must read for every teenager, especially girls. Girls all too often don’t realize that they hold the own key to their future. They give away their future far too easily.
   Judy Hathcock, High School Counselor

   “I really enjoyed reading the book and look forward to when it is published. I appreciate you writing on this topic. The message in your book is desperately needed in our society. The young people need to hear the truth that you write about.”
   Missy Patton, Road Manager, Silver Ring Thing,

   “This book is filled with insights from a lifetime of experience by its author Carl Sommer. Not only does he draw from his own life as one who reached his wedding day as a virgin, but he gives hundreds of undeniable reasons why it is so much more important for today’s sex-saturated society.
   “Citing numerous authorities for the facts, he takes on the “safer sex” proponents and reveals the wide gaps in their arguments. Read why a counseling psychiatrist had to hide her identity when writing about this topic, and why Miss America had to fight the organizers to have her “abstinence” message approved as she started her reign.
   “Young people are under even greater pressure from their peers and the prevailing culture to simply conform to the prevailing destructive forces with their misleading message that recreational sex has no downside. Parents, buy this book, read it for yourselves and pass it on to your kids. I can heartily recommend it and its approach to the important issue which it addresses.”
Brian Cheyne, Former Head of Educational Guidance Department

     “All parents of teenagers should buy this well-written, easy-to-read book for their children and challenge them to read it.”
   Barbara Horak, Author and Speaker about Risks and Consequences of Premarital Sex  

“Carl Sommer’s book, ‘Sex: If You’re Scared of the Truth—Don’t Read This,’ is a must read. In the midst of a ‘sex now’ culture, his message on abstinence is both refreshing and needed. Too many young people are being duped into believing that there aren’t any consequences to pre-marital sex, only later to discover that they were wrong. You will want to give this book to every teenager you care about. It’s an eye opener with a solution.”
   Larry Emerson, Pastor, Spring, TX

“What an engaging title. SEX spelled out right on the front cover will entice the youth and cause the adults to pause at the same time. I am glad this book came to my possession and more so that I felt compelled to read it. It was hard to put down and I believe kids will read it with maturity. The topic of sex is a hush topic. People are afraid to discuss it with adolescents because the fear of talking about it will make them do it. This author says on the cover that this is straight talk and he is correct on all accounts. He pulls no punches when telling readers the dangers of premarital sex. He totally disagrees with educators telling kids there is anything safe about sex. The myths and truths are uncovered about the use of birth control, STD’s and pregnancy. Mr. Sommer cites research explaining the dangers of premarital sex including: stress, depression, lonliness [loneliness], STD’s, etc.. The best description of this book is in the title “Straight Talk”. The author pulls no punches and does not attempt to make light of a serious culture issue raging in our schools. A chapter is devoted to the topic of abortion and how devastating that experience is or can be on a young girl. One statement made “the school counselor will ask a depressed girl if someone is hurting her, is she being abused, and other questions of the sort, but do not ask if she has had an abortion” which cited research says can present itself as Traumatic Stress Disorder. There is NOTHING sexually graphic or descriptive in this text. It is an informative text about the dangers of sex outside of marriage, the importance of practicing abstinence, the chances of contracting a variety of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the risk to one’s emotional health and encouragement to tame one’s passions. This is recommended reading for students 13+ and their parents.”
Lori Bierschwale, Librarian, Irving Independent School District

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Straight Talk
Carl Sommer’s straight talk is hard-hitting, fast-paced, and provocative, but also compassionate. Sommer doesn’t shy away from challenging issues as he offers from his vast experiences practical opinions to help students on their quest for success.