Schools in Crisis: Training for Success or Failure?

A Short Summary

Examines why so many children are failing to receive a proper education, and the time-tested methods for successful education.

Presents the reason discipline is the number one parental complaint concerning schools, and which discipline methods have been proven effective.

Exposes the material that some educators are teaching children in their literature and sex education classes.

Tells why education has departed from the great virtues that build successful nations, and the solutions to restore values.

Gives the root causes for the failures of American education, and the positive non-costly solutions for educational success.

Other Issues Examined

Successful reading programs
Basics and promotional standards
Fundamental schools vs. progressive schools
Creativity and self-esteem
Discipline and love
Corporal punishment
Busing and racial integration
Successful schools
Textbooks and censorship
Social engineering
Evolution vs. creationism
Education for sex or immorality
Values clarification
Source of America’s moral disintegration
School prayer and Bible reading
Humanism and autonomous children
Actions for successful schools

About the Author—Carl Sommer
(At the time of writing this book.)

Taught high school students in New York City for seven years, and has counseled pupils and parents as an assistant dean of boys in a high school with 3.600 students.

Served as a substitute teacher in each of the five boroughs of New York City as an elementary, intermediate, junior high, and high school teacher—teaching all grades from 1 to 12 in 27 different schools.

Spent 10 years researching solutions for the national educational crisis.

Attended five colleges and universities.  At New York University, he was able to use Bobst Library, the largest research library in New York City, to aid him in his investigation.

Successful managed a manufacturing plant and fathered five children.

With his parental and managerial background he examines the schools from outside the system, and with his counseling and educational background from within.


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