Reviewers of Reading Success

     Advance Publishing wants to thank the various educators who have reviewed and offered their many helpful suggestions for Reading Success.  Without their help we would not have been able to produce such a program.  Their willingness to share their thoughts after many years of teaching literacy has helped us produce Reading Success.
     Dr. Mary McKelvy
taught for 35 years, and 16 of the years were in the prison system.  It was her suggestion to introduce in the beginning lessons just a few multi-syllable words.  This she found was a great self-esteem booster for adults who had never learned to read.  This is by no means that they have all endorsed everything there is in Reading Success, but many have given their enthusiastic endorsement.  

Dr. Morris Edelson, PhD in English
Dr. Catherine Clubb Foley, Ph.D.Thea Abbott
Jimmy Andrews
Jelanie Castillo—masters in reading
Iris Hirmas--Taught adults for 24 years
Dr. Linda Prager
Charlene Schnieder—Masters in early education
Fay Stanford
Marilyn Wilder
Patricia S. Cunningham--Taught literacy for 17 years
Dr. Mary McKelvy—Taught 35 years, with 16 years teaching in the prison system