Parents and Leaders

 “I’ve just finished reading the Carl Sommer’s, ‘Sommer Time Story Books,’ listed on the enclosed flyer [they are selling the books].  The lessons are all so simple but powerful. They are, without a doubt, the best children’s books I have ever read.  Today I read, ‘Can You Help Me Find My Smile?’, to my three year old.  He loved it!!  These six books will be enjoyed by all children two to ten years of age--as well as adults.  The adorable color illustrations convey amazing depth of emotion that speaks to every child in vibrant color.”  (Bold is in the original.)
       Kathi Hudson,
Vice President of Citizens for Excellence in Education, author of numerous books, including, Raising Kids Gods Way

 “These are interesting, creative, and character building stories for young readers, each having a timely moral value and delightful illustrations.”
       Becky Rosenberger for Mel and Norma Gabler,
Educational Research Analysts, Longview, TX

 “Thank you for the opportunity to read several of the children’s books you have written.  I read about four of your books to my eight year old daughter, Kelsey.  Kelsey and I thoroughly enjoyed your work.  Kelsey told me that she liked the stories[,] and when I asked her what she liked about them, she stated, ‘I liked that they had a message.’”
       Jane E. Hattan,
State Executive Management Assistant for Michigan Department of Education, Lansing, MI

 “I fell indebted to you for sharing with me the advance copies of Carl Sommer’s unique series for children, entitled ‘Another Sommer-Time Story.’
       “Both the artwork and the text of these remarkable books capture the magic of a child’s world.  I appreciate especially the wholesome lessons which they convey in such a charming fashion.”
       Dr. D. James Kennedy, President, Coral Ridge Ministries; Chancellor, Knox Theological Seminary

 “I bought the books for my grandchildren but I read them first.  I thought they were fantastic!  The colors are great for kids and I even gained some points from the message they convey.  I can't wait for more books.”
       Mary Melchiorsen
, Grandparent

 “Every child in the nation should have to read the Another Sommer-Time Story books to get the moral values.  The illustrations are gorgeous!  I think all schools should have them, they are very well written and I would recommend them to any child.”
       Carol Tyllick, Grandparent

 “We really liked the good moral to the story.  They are fun to read, fairy-tale type stories with a modern meaning.  It's good because the children have something they can understand and apply.  These are perfect stories for teachers to read because they are interesting.”
       Dr. and Wanda Fontanier, Parents

 “Carl’s Sommer’s Series Another Sommer-Time Story is outstanding.  Congratulations to an author who understand the importance of imparting values that last a lifetime (and promote healthy attitudes.)…If you’re looking for books that impart wisdom…you’ve found some of the best.”
       LifeWorks Magazine Online,

 “I just finished reading the Sommer-Time Story series to my three year old daughter.  I thought she would be too young for the books but she listened to every word!  Tied up in Knots was especially timely for us.  After reading it we discussed how by sharing and cooperating the donkeys were both able to get what they wanted.
       “The pictures were also wonderful and my daughter loved reading me the books by looking at the illustrations.  I wish there were more books for children with the clear moral stories that these have.”
       Angie Casavecchia, Service Coordinator, Missouri Department Mental Health 

        “Thank you for your quick response to our request for more of your books.  We are so grateful for the wonderful character values taught through your stories.  Last year for Christmas we bought our very active son, Christopher, the toys he had asked for and some of your books.  After all the presents were opened and wrappings thrown away it was a thrilling surprise for us to find Christopher not playing with the new toys, but curled up on the sofa reading your books.  We have read them over and over throughout the year.  We were not surprised when he gave us his Christmas list this year… a new bike and some Carl Sommer books!!!  We can’t wait to see him open them up Christmas morning!”
       Theresa Costanza, Mother


“I have been wanting to thank you for the wonderful books you sent to our family ever since we received them.  However, I am so glad to have read several of them to the children first, so that I can sincerely comment on how wonderful these stories are.

Several of the children can read these themselves, of course, but at lunchtime when I get one of your books out and begin reading, the younger four, (not including the youngest, who is in the high chair), move their chairs close around mine with intense interest and attention.  Before the story is over, even the 12, 13, and 15 year old have been caught standing behind their siblings!  My ten-year old son with Down’s syndrome, who has been read to since infancy, but who has of late been resistant to being read to, will listen to these stories.

“When I began reading your books to the children, it so happened that our homeschool history/literature unit was on Greece, and we were also reading some of Aesop’s Fables.

“One of the grammar-level students commented that Mr. Sommer’s books were much better, in that their morals clearly agreed with Biblical worldview, and that they were more interesting and the lesson being taught was easier to identify.” 

Sara Elsner, Homeschool mother of eight children

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