Reading Success Endorsements

The Reading Success for Adults series incorporates an approach that will surely appeal to those who want to improve their literacy skills.  The topics covered in the Reading Success lesson books and storybooks are ones that will engage the interest of adult learners and thus motivate them to read on.  The Reading Success Workbooks reinforce the elements introduced in the lesson books and provide further opportunities for the learners to apply their newly acquired knowledge.
Both adult learners and literacy teachers will welcome this well-rounded program utilizing both the auditory and visual approach to the mastery of language.
Patricia S. Cunningham, Certified high school language teacher, 12 years experience as a adult literacy teacher and trainer, and college language professor

    “Reading Success is an excellent addition to the field of adult literacy.  Its well developed, systematic approach will no doubt enable the adult non-reader to learn to read.  The combination of phonics and whole language in one set of instructional materials is commendable.  “The books are well designed with an appealing, sophisticated cover and appropriate fonts throughout the series.  Incorporating instructor sections in the lesson itself is particularly helpful.  There are regular review sections which are also well done.”
Donna McCoy
, Program Specialist for an Educational Cooperative

    “I liked the format of these books.  There is plenty of practice of phonics skills as well as comprehension.  I like the integration of grammar skills as the series advances.  I also like the variety of stories and characters in the short story books.  It gives new readers a taste for different types of literature and hopefully enough exposure so they can begin to make choices about reading.”
Sandra Delgado
, Curriculum and Instructional Support Manager for Kentucky Department for Adult Education and Literacy

    “I was most delighted to see your reading program.  I know from my experience that the methods outlined in your books are successful in teaching young adults to read.  Your systematic approach and brief related stories are ideal for at-risk students overwhelmed by their surroundings.…Your program is easy to understand, but does not insult their intelligence.  The stories are contemporary, but not too long as to lose the reader’s interest. “Your program is exemplary and if utilized properly I know it will be very successful.”
Teresa Graham,
Teacher for At-Risk Students

    “I have been working with adult ESL and GED students for almost ten years.  I think your materials will provide an excellent resource for the adult learner.
“The stories presented in this series are very interesting and unique.  The books offer phonics, vocabulary, and grammar rules.  The stories are ideal for my students because they are written for adults, not small children.  The book about the life of George Washington Carver should provide a source of inspiration for underachieving students.  The handwriting guide is one of the best guides that I have ever seen. “Your books are very good and if used within the structure of a well-balanced program, I have confidence that the books will greatly benefit all adult learners.  Congratulations on an outstanding program.”
William Dixon
, ESL and GED Teacher

    “Through our Adult Education Program at North Harris College, our teachers work with Pre-GED, GED and Basic ESL students.  I was very impressed with the quality of both the Reading Success and Number Success series....
    "Several teachers also looked at these materials and liked the straightforward approach of the books.  Both the Reading Success and the Number Success have lessons based on reality built into them, which is something that our students usually need as well.  The stories are engaging and the lessons very relevant to their everyday lives.  The lessons are not too lengthy, so as not to lose the interest of the student. "The series will be a refreshing addition to classrooms of all ages everywhere.”

Tracy Hendrix
, Adult Education Counselor, North Harris College

    “In my years of teaching ESL, I have always used a phonics-based approach.  These materials are excellent.  They are self-paced and provide high-interest materials for adults.  I highly recommend Carl Sommer’s Reading Success materials.”
Linda Prager, Dr. Ph.
  (Dr. Linda Prager proofread the Reading Success program, except the supervisor volumes.)