Number Success Endorsements from Teachers and Reviewers

  Jimmie Rios—One of the Teachers of Number Success and a National Science Foundation Award Winner for Excellence in Secondary Mathematics
“Today’s mathematics programs require more than the basics, they require real-world applications.  The Number Success mathematics program is unique in that it continuously applies math skills to real world situations.  The ongoing attention to developing problem-solving skills through thought-provoking applications will enhance students’ critical thinking skills.  This mathematics program is a winner in that it will help all students understand the importance of mathematics and its relevance to their future lives and careers.”
Jimmie Rios: National Science Foundation Presidential Award for Excellence in Secondary Mathematics in Texas, 1995; Tandy Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics; Texas State Cable Teacher of the Year Award; Tandy Chair for Teaching Excellence in Secondary Mathematics; Marcus Cable National Star Educator Award; and Mathematics Curriculum Specialist for Fort Worth Independent School District providing technical assistance and support to teachers and school administrators in Fort Worth, Texas.

Kristine Lindeblad—One of the Teachers of Number Success and a National Science Foundation Award Winner for Excellence in Secondary Mathematics from the State of Washington.
    “Advance Publishing’s Number Success series fills a void in mathematics education.  For adults or younger students who have missed part of their mathematics education, or those who have struggled with math concepts, this series provides a concrete experience with the math skills necessary in today’s world.  Carl Sommer’s background in business and industry has ensured that this series teaches mathematics with practical applications.  For those seeking a basic mathematic curriculum that will prepare them for the math problems encountered in daily life, this series is ideal.
    Kristine Lindeblad: Mathematics Chair, Shadle Park High School, Washington; National Science Foundation Presidential Award for Excellence in Secondary Mathematics in the state of Washington, 1998; Washington Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1997; Masonic Teach of the Year, 1987 and 1990; teaches calculus for teachers at Gonzaga University; and speaks at various workshops and conferences.

Larry Williams—One of the Teachers of Number Success and a National Science Foundation Award Winner for Excellence in Secondary Mathematics
    Number Success Mathematics series empowers students to learn.  As educators, one of our greatest challenges is to teach students how to learn.  This series helps students to learn because it focuses on the practical application of mathematics.
“This program will also help to reduce the enormous dropout rate in our schools because it will create renewed interest in mathematics, which in turn develops a positive self-image for these failing students.
“I am currently serving on the Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative Committee at the Alabama State Department of Education, and we have to look at a variety of resources and curriculum materials.  Of all the materials that we have reviewed, Number Success is by far more flexible, practical, and useful because it meets the individual needs of all students.”  (Bold is in the original.)
    Larry Williams: Serving on: The Alabama Math, Science, Technology Initiative Committee at the State Department of Education; the National Selection Committee for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching, Washington, D.C.; The College Board’s Pacesetter Mathematics Task Force, New York City; Mathematical Sciences Education Board, Washington, D.C.; The Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) Math-line Advisory Committee, Alexandria, VA; and the Board of Coalition of Alabama’s Reforming Education (CARE).
     Honors received: National Science Foundation Presidential Award for Excellence in Secondary Mathematics in Alabama, 1989;Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers; Congressional Salute in the 101st US Congress, Washington, D.C.; Greene County Community Education Teaching Award; Alabama Council of Computer Education Award for Innovative Teacher of Computer Education; Nominated to the Alabama State Teacher Hall of Fame; and was honored by The Mathematical Science Education Board as one of twenty leaders in education who has contributed greatly to increasing minority representation in mathematics.

Endorsements from Reviewers

    “Number Success mathematics series is a self-paced comprehensive program which provides many opportunities to reinforce math skills.  Modules within this series allows a learner to fill gaps and needs ranging from basic mathematical concepts, such as addition and subtraction, through trigonometry.  These modules not only teach mathematical concepts and algorithms, but also embed the mathematics in real world everyday situations.  The program is very flexible and allows for various implementation models, such as, classroom, individual, or group instruction.
“The series accommodates learner’s requirements by allowing a learner to identify and address specific areas of need, or to proceed through a module in its entirety.  Mathematical concepts are reinforced throughout with frequent reviews and checks.  This program not only address the needs of students aspiring to complete GED, but is also useful for college-bound students.
    “After reviewing and completing every math problem in the entire course, I highly recommend this program.  It is an excellent program, and I look forward to using it when it becomes available.”
Martha Froebel,

    “I like the step by step samples, explanations and the visual explanations.  The way place value was explained is one of the easiest and clearest that I have seen.  The math problems are very good practical adult situation problems.  I like the practical problems but really like that information is provided in order to do the problems.  You do not assume that students know the formulas or principles behind the problem.  For example in book 8 you provide the formula for Ohm’s law.  The reviews in each book, the three level tests, and the individual review book (number 6) reinforce all the skills as learned before going on to more difficult concepts.”
    Sandra Delgado, Curriculum and Instructional Support Manager for Kentucky Department for Adult Education and Literacy

    “In the math book series I was pleased to see there was practice for the students, and that students didn’t learn a concept with only three problems. There was multiple practice with a lot of practical applications.  This made the books very user-friendly for the students.
    “I like that there are different concepts in the various books, and that the books are small and not intimidating for students.  I also like that the books had multiple tests.  Many of our students suffer from test anxiety, and the tests provide them with the opportunity to do a variety of problems.
“I think you have a winner with the math series.”
June Vander Molen,
Program Specialist for an Educational Cooperative

    “Through our Adult Education Program at North Harris College, our teachers work with Pre-Ged, GED and Basic ESL students.  I was very impressed with the quality of both the Reading Success and Number Success series....Several teachers also looked at these materials and liked the straightforward approach of the books.  Both the Reading Success and the Number Success have lessons based on reality built into them, which is something that our students usually need as well.  The stories are engaging and the lessons very relevant to their everyday lives.  The lessons are not too lengthy, so as not to lose the interest of the student.
    “The series will be a refreshing addition to classrooms of all ages everywhere.”
Tracy Hendrix, Adult Education Counselor, North Harris College, Houston, Texas

    “The books have very good explanations of the operations and concepts of materials that it covers.  The visuals are especially helpful for students to understand the meaning of math concepts.  There is good sequencing and building upon skills.  It is stressed throughout all of the books that [it] is important to be neat in working math problems.  The workbooks show how to neatly and methodically line up numbers for operation, both simple and more complex.  I find this to be a problem with my students, and I like this emphasis.  All of the examples, especially in the basic math books, are clear and explained in concise, easy to follow steps.
“I especially like the format of post-testing for mastery of skills.  Each unit is followed by a review, additional help, and three additional check-ups.
“In all of the math books, there are good explanations of the “meanings” of many math terms and vocabulary words: e.g. fractions, algebra.
“I especially liked the Life Skills Book (Book 7).  It covered many everyday skills that adult students need to know, including paycheck stubs, wages, commissions, tax forms, and interest.  There are units on credit cards, loans, buying a house, etc....
“I definitely recommend the math series.”
Susan Stauber, Teacher for Adult and Community Education in Tallahassee, Florida

    “This series is a logical, practical, and flexible instrument for mathematical maturity.  It allows for self-study and use by teachers and supervisors who may be in need of math refreshment.  Its stress on everyday problems and its positive tone will attract and retain interest and set off motivational discussions about today’s problems involving math and logic.  Behind its rich store of examples and exercises and its clear format, the series reinforces the valuable lesson that problems are soluble and that this is an orderly universe.”
    Dr. Morris Edelson
, Instructor for Houston Community College