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(Theme song for the book "The Sly Fox & The Chicks") by Joey Garza & Gamaliel Leija  ©2003 Advance Global Publishing/BMI

Verse 1

If the friends you found got you sneakin’ around 
You’re doin’ things you shouldn’t do 
And if you’re thinkin’ that your parents haven’t a clue...

Verse 2

Now there’s a price you pay, when you disobey 
Some-times you learn a lesson or two 
And so today I’ve got to ask this question of you...


Who, are you, listening to? 
Just be sure you choose the right way 
Who, are you, listening to? 
No matter what friends say 
It’s best when you obey

Featuring Guest Vocalist
Christine Lovett


© ®2003  Advance Publishing, Inc.  All Rights reserved