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(Theme song for the book "Tied Up In Knots") by Sarah Moore ©2003 Advance Global Publishing/BMI


Intro Dialog:

Hey, my friend!  You shouldn’t be unhappy, it’s a beautiful day!  
Oh, You want to play with your friend, but you don’t feel like sharing?  
You’d better listen to this...

Verse 1

Being selfish and stubborn will make you sad 
You’ll be tied
up in knots, oh, you’ll feel so bad 
Forget fussing and
fighting, be friendly, for yes  
Sharing brings happiness


I share  (I share)               
You share    (You share)
Everybody     (Everybody)
Everywhere     (Everywhere)
He shares      (He shares)
She shares      (She shares)
Sing a sharing song     
(Sing a sharing song)

Verse 2

Now we know that it’s best when we share the load 
Pulling opposite ways, we can’t get down the road 
Working together we’ll get there fast, Why? 
Sharing brings happiness

Featuring Guest Vocalist
Solveigh Henderson



© ®2003  Advance Publishing, Inc.  All Rights reserved