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(Theme song for the book "Time Remote") by David L. Wilson ©2003 Advance Global Publishing/BMI

Verse 1

All I want to do is get away from my problems 
I’ve got plans and dreams that I want to get to 
All this work keeps getting in my
way, I wonder what I should do
“Clean your room”, “Eat your
veggies”, “Study for the test” 
I’m tired of all the things they
say that I’ve got to do 
There’s games to play, and friends to see, and all I want to eat is junk food


All I want to do is play, all this work just gets in my way


You’ve got to work to live your dream 
No matter how hard it may seem 
Plan the work,
work the plan, then you must believe you can 
You can live your dream

Verse 2

Something always comes along that seems much too hard
What you’ve got to learn is to work the problems out 
problem solving kind of person is what you’ve got to be all about 
If you’re ever gonna live your dream you’ve got to learn this first 
Ignoring all your problems never makes them go away 
Life is filled with good and bad, and what you’ve got to do is say...


All my dreams can come true, if I work my problems through


Go and live your dream
You gotta work to live your dream 
You gotta work to live your dream

Featuring Guest Vocalist
Jeff Fair



© ®2003  Advance Publishing, Inc.  All Rights reserved