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(Theme song for the book "The Ugly Caterpillar") by Joey Garza & Gamaliel Leija ©2003 Advance Global Publishing/BMI

Verse 1

If you think you’re big or you’re small
And if your skin is black, brown or white
You know it
really doesn’t matter at all

Verse 2

And if you’re thinkin’ that your nose and ears are funny
You’re not quite as smart as some
Don’t let nobody give you clouds, when it’s sunny Uh, Huh


Everywhere there’s people around you  
Everyone is different, it’s true  
But if you’ll look within, they’ll astound you
They’re like me and you!


Don’t you listen to what others say
They’ll bring you down, down, down
What they say is not true anyway
Here’s what I found, found, found...  Oh Yeah!

Featuring Guest Vocalist
Al Denson



© ®2003  Advance Publishing, Inc.  All Rights reserved