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(Theme song for the book "Mayor For a Day") by Joey Garza & Gamaliel Leija ©2003 Advance Global Publishing/BMI

Verse 1

Been struggliní day by day and even the night 
Iíve been tryiní so hard to dodge them rules 
Truth is Iíve figured it out, Iím seeiní the light 
I donít have to try to be so cool, 
So I say...


Time to give it up, time to give it in 
Time to try to mind those rules again 
Iím giving up, Iím giving in, to the things I really need 
Rules I thought were senseless, have really done me good 
Itís time for me to give it up!

Verse 2

No longer spendiní time in finding the ways 
To do the things I really like to do
Now that I see how it works Iím changiní my ways
Finally lesson learned, Iíve been renewed 
So I say...


Itís now or never,
Such sweet surrender
Itís time for me to give it up
Itís time for me to give it up
Itís time for me to give it up

Featuring Guest Vocalists
The Haygoods


© ģ2003  Advance Publishing, Inc.  All Rights reserved