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(Theme song for the book "No One Will Ever Know") by Sarah Moore ©2003 Advance Global Publishing/BMI


Verse 1

My friends are tempting me to go along, against my parentís wishes
I know I shouldnít but it sounds like fun, I sure would hate to miss it 
I want to be like all the older kids, I just canít wait to grow 
My friends are saying that if I donít tell, no one will ever know

Chorus 1

Do the right, do the right thing (4x)
Lead Vocal:  
Should I go, should I stay?
Should I do what they say?
Should I choose to obey?

Verse 2

Now that Iíve thought about it carefully, I wanna do whatís right  
My mom and dad have always cared for me, theyíre trustworthy and wise 
Sometimes thereís trouble that I cannot see, waiting around the bend 
Iím glad that someoneís watching out for me, so I better listen

Lead Vocal:

Though no one may ever know, your parents love you so
They want to help you to grow

Lead Vocal:

The ones who make up the rules, just like our teachers in school 
They want whatís best
for me and you

Featuring Guest Vocalists
The Northams



© ģ2003  Advance Publishing, Inc.  All Rights reserved