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(Theme song for the book ďI Am A LionĒ) by David L. Wilson ©2003 Advance Global Publishing/BMI

Intro/African Chant

Verse 1

You and I are different itís plain to see 
Iím not like you, and youíre not like me 
But we can get along, like friends are we 
ĎCause itís good to be different, naturally

Verse 2

I live over here, and you live over there 
But when we get together we just donít care
There are lots of good things that we can share 
So letís tell others everywhere


Be who you really are
Donít change to fit in with the crowd 
You can get along with others...how? 
Just by being who you really are

Verse 3

I may travel Ďround the world... or something 
You might grow up and be a king 
Whatever you do, youíll go far 
Just by being who you really are


Just by being who you really are

African Chant

Featuring Guest Vocalist
Brooke Aten



© ģ2003  Advance Publishing, Inc.  All Rights reserved