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Finally...something positive for kids to listen to!  These new Karacter Kidz® tunes will have your kids singing all day long.  Each song reinforces a character trait in a fun and exciting way that is sure to keep them movin’!  With state-of-the-art production and a variety of music styles, everyone in the family is sure to enjoy these projects. Karacter Kidz® music is more than just great music for today—it builds character for tomorrow!

Karacter Kidz Pledge
Karacter Kidz stand up for what's right,
They're always helpful, cheerful and bright.
Respectful, caring, honest and true,
These are the things that Karacter Kidz do.

Parents' Choice Award Winner

iParenting Media Award
Children's Music Web Award

This two-CD set (ten songs each) is designed to build character: "Don't Be So Stubborn," "Do the Right Thing," and "First You Work Then You Play," are examples of the topics covered. ... both the lead singers and the children's chorus are filled with such energy and enthusiasm they transform every performance into a vibrant listening experience.

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