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(Theme song for the book Your Job is Easy) by Joey Garza 2003 Advance Global Publishing/BMI

Verse 1

When I think about your easy life  
It seems to me your duties are so light 
If we could just trade places for a day 
Then you would see theres just no time to play

Chorus 1

You would understand, and see the things I do firsthand 
Youd appreciate the things
you never knew 
Youd have a change of view, about the daily things I do 
The day you walk a mile in my shoes

Verse 2

Now that I have struggled in your place 
Ive learned that
you live life at quite a pace 
Ill never take for granted what you do  
Id have to say Im so inspired by you

Chorus 2

Now I understand, Ive seen the things you do firsthand 
I appreciate the things I never knew 
Ive had a change of view now I admire the things
you do 
Now that I have walked
a mile in your shoes


Now that I have walked a mile
Though it was only for a while 
Now that I have walked a mile
in your shoes

Featuring Guest Vocalist
Kathy Wampler


2003  Advance Publishing, Inc.  All Rights reserved