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(Theme Song for the book "The Eagle and the Chickens") by Joey Garza © 2015 Advance Global Publishing/BMI

Featuring Guest Vocalist:
Zach Emery

Verse 1
This life gets kinda crazy, when things don't go as planned
Then me, myself, and I have got to try to understand
No need to live in misery, like some around us do
Here's a truth I finally learned and now I'm tellin' you...

Fly just like an eagle soarin' high up in the sky
Wing your way through this great life,
Head to the big blue sky

Verse 2
Sometimes friends can steer you wrong, and lead you off your path
But you've got to remember, stay the course and not look back
Life can be so meaningful, just learn to do what's right
Stand your ground, and don't look down, your future will be bright


Life ain't easy, can be hard
Listen friend, It's gonna take some workin' on your part
Look around you, what'cha see?
Just cause you don't see it yet, don't mean that it can't be

Verse 3
Once you see with eagle eyes you'll have a bigger view
You'll soar real high in sunny skies, in everything you do
Confidence and attitude will surely see you through, 
Tell your friends, it's up to them, soon they'll be soarin' too

Chorus (2x)

2003  Advance Publishing, Inc.  All Rights reserved