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Do it Now

(Theme Song for the book "The Little Red Hen") by Joey Garza © 2010 Advance Global Publishing/BMI

Featuring Guest Vocalist:
Stephanie Smith

Verse 1
I’m busy sleepin’; yeah I think I’m thinkin’
I can wait a little longer to start my day
I’m goin’ back to my dream for just a moment
And the things on my to do list can wait for me

Pre-Chorus 1
Moment by moment, just slippin’ by
I’m livin’ yesterday, I know I’m wasting time, but

Chorus 1
My mind’s made up, I’m waitin’ ’till tomorrow, ‘cause I
‘Cause I’m not ready to do it now
No need to rush it’ll wait until tomorrow ‘cause I
‘Cause I’m not ready to do it now
No I’m not ready to do it now

Verse 2
Different day, and it looks a lot like yesterday
I’m feelin’ really lazy just wastin’ time
I’ve got my reasons, a more convenient season
And my head’s a little hazy in this state of mind

Pre-Chorus 2
My future’s buried, it’s slippin’ by
I’ve lost my chance for opportunities to thrive, and

Chorus 1 (2x)

Verse 3
Hey wait a minute, now I’ve begun to get it
It’s really kinda crazy it took so long
Attitude’s changing, my thoughts are re-arranging
Now this thief procrastination is dead and gone

Pre-Chorus 3
I’ll seize the moment, no standing by
In fact I’m kickin’ out the greatest thief of time, ‘cause

Chorus 2
My mind’s made up, there’s no time like the present, that’s why
Now I’ve decided to do it now
I see the light, why wait until tomorrow, now I
Now I am ready to do it now
Now I am ready to do it now
Yeah I am ready to do it now
I’m really ready to do it… now


2003  Advance Publishing, Inc.  All Rights reserved