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I Choose Life

(Theme Song for the book "The Donkey, the Fox, and the Lion") by Joey Garza © 2015 Advance Global Publishing/BMI

Featuring Guest Vocalist:
Levi Mills

Verse 1
Hey there what'cha doin’? It may not be good for you
I know It feels so good inside, you gotta think it through
It's not a good idea, takin' all that comes your way
'cause sooner maybe later, oh, the piper you will pay

Verse 2
Hey friend what'cha takin', You think you look so cool
But truth be known your future's blown, and you look like a fool
So grab yourself some savvy, there's lessons to be learned
Good decisions with a vision, long life you will earn

I choose life
I strive to thrive
I will decide
I won't throw my life away...
I choose life
I will survive
Don't make it complicated, Give your body what it needs
Don't put it to the test, it takes some effort to succeed

Verse 3
Strong & healthy thinkin', you never will regret
Your life is really precious, so your health you can't neglect
'cause once you've lost your vigor, it’s hard to resurrect
 It's really no big secret, gotta have some self-respect


Just step back, and think it through...
Is that really what you wanna do?...

Chorus (first half)



2003  Advance Publishing, Inc.  All Rights reserved