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Exactly Who I Am

(Theme song for "The Richest Poor Kid") by Marc Haney © 2009 Advance Global Publishing/BMI

Featuring Guest Vocalist:
Marc Haney

Verse 1
It’s in the blood, that runs through my body
It’s in my bones, my feet and in my hands
It’s in my skin, that keeps my insides inside me
It’s in my mind where I’ve come to understand

Verse 2
I have a past, passed down from my family
I’ve got my mother’s eyes, and my father’s nose
But I was born to be, the one and only me
And I’m the only me this world will ever know

I am exactly who I am
The only one of me that there will ever be
I am a very wealthy man
For I've found a fortune in my friends and family

Verse 3
I’ve got ideas, nobody else could think of
And in my heart there’s love that only I can give
And I can wait until tomorrow, if today is not my day
‘cause I’ve got dreams out where my future is

Verse 4
Some people try hard to convince you that you're incomplete
If your stuff doesn't measure up to theirs
But riches, fame and fortune are just things that can't compete
When you've got the love of friends and family to share

A fortune in my friends and family
I am exactly who I am
I am a very wealthy man


2003  Advance Publishing, Inc.  All Rights reserved