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Seek Advice

(Theme Song for the book "The Emperor's New Clothes") by Sarah Moore © 2009 Advance Global Publishing/BMI

Featuring Guest Vocalist:
Marlies Fitch

Be wise, seek advice, find what’s best for you
When the choices get tough, get someone you trust
To share their point of view
If you really want to be wise, seek good advice

Verse 1
Nobody can do it all themselves, everyone needs a little help
Find someone who’s traveled down this road
Let their experience lighten your load

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
When you don’t know which way you should turn
Ask for advice, then listen & learn
Take what the many have to say, then think it through and choose the right way

There’s much less stress, and more success
So dude or damsel, if you’re in distress


2003  Advance Publishing, Inc.  All Rights reserved