Free! CHARACTER Under ATTACK & What You Can Do About It
By Carl Sommer

Discover Why. . .
     America has such high rates of violent criminal activity, rates of imprisonment, school crime, sexually transmitted disease, teenage pregnancy, and suicide. 
      In a nation that has drifted far from its core moral system, Carl Sommer’s hard-hitting expose’ reveals the underlying causes and offers common-sense solutions for improving America’s education and moral climate.
Sommer, an award-winning author and educator, addresses the issues of moral relativism, the rise of anticulturalism, and the philosophical battle raging behind the lack of character in today’s society of diminishing values.  Character Under Attack examines the issues and provides practical advice on how parents and educators can create a more respectful society and produce successful children prepared to make this world a better place.
     Recognizing the spirit in which our Founding Fathers established this great nation, you’ll discover from this well-documented book what went wrong and what you can do about it. A must for parents and educators.

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 Character Under Attack & What You Can Do About It

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     Our mission at Advance Publishing is to promote character training throughout America. We have sent free copies of Character Under Attack and What You Can Do About It to every public school elementary librarian, elementary guidance counselor, and superintendent. We have also sent this book to every state governor, U.S. senator and U.S. representative. Over 115,000 free copies were sent. We have this book free online for everyone to read. Feel free to spread the message. The future of our nation depends upon the character of its people.